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These facilities are composed of Dust Collecting Systems, Water Refining and Cooling Systems, Ferro-Alliage Automatic Feeding Unit, 380 kV Switchyard, Oxygen Production System, 2 Scrap Storage Spaces each with a storage capacity of 50.000 tons, and 4 Product Storage Spaces with a capacity of 80.000 tons.

Oxygen Production System
In addition to our gas oxygen producing Air Separation Unit built in 2003, the second Air Separation Unit was put into service in 2009, and consequently the total capacity was increased to the level of 8500 Nm³/hour for gas oxygen, and 200 Nm³/hour for liquid argon. The unit performs also the production of the liquid oxygen, and liquid nitrogen in its condensation system with a capacity of 3000 Nm³/hour.

Dust Collecting System
By taking our responsibility to the environment, dusts, and particles to come into existence due to the production are collected, and pelletized before being released into the atmosphere by means of our Dust Collecting System with a capacity of 2.650.000 m³, thus the environmental pollution is prevented.


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