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This is a modern Rolling Mill, which started to make production in 2006, and is located in the closed area of the existing Steel Mill to ensure a parallel production. Billets produced in the Steel Mill are loaded, while they are hot, on the heating furnace working by natural gas. The Mill makes a production of 700.000 tons per year by a fully automated treatment in each phase of the production. Additional to the plain and deformed reinforcing bars, it also keeps the opportunity to make the production of round bars with same size for the machine manufacturing industry.
Our Rolling Mill built in 1964 on a 10.000 m² site with a closed area of 9.000 m² is the first production mill of KAPTAN Group of Companies, and today it has been operating with a capacity of 100.000 tons/year.

In our facilities to include an oil-fired rolling mill reheating furnace, it is possible to produce all kinds of deformed and round reinforcing bars, half-round bars, flat bars, square bars, and equal angle bars.

The rolling mill which was established in 1987 is completely renewed as of 2015 increasing the capacity to 500.000 ton /year

In our facilities to include the first oil-fired rolling mill reheating furnace of Turkey, it is possible to produce all kinds of deformed bars, equal angle profiles, square steel bars, and flat steel bars.

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