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Yardımcı Tesisler

Arc Furnace
The high-powered Electric Arc Furnace manufactured by SMS-DEMAG is a modern furnace, which is equipped with Water-Cooled Body Panels, Oxy-Fuel Burners, Oxygen and Carbon Injection Robot, DPP System for Bottom Blowing of Gas, Ferro-Alliage Automatic Feeding, and Eccentric Bottom Tapping (EBT) System, and has a transformer with the capacity of 120 MVA, and 125 tons of casting.


Continuous Casting Machine
With the Continuous Casting Machine manufactured by CONCAST, and equipped with 6-strand Automatic Mould Level Control with Electromagnetic Stirrers (EMS), Automatic Tundish Level Control System, Casting Treatment with Closed Die Forging, Tundish Flying Nozzle System, Self-Controlled Speed Dependent Cooling Systems, and Walking Beam Type Cooling Bed; it is performed the production of the liquid steel in billets with square cross-sections between 100-200 mm. Billets can be cut by the oxygen cutting system in the requested lengths ranging from 6 meters to 15 meters.
Ladle Furnace
Our Ladle Furnace manufactured by SMS-DEMAG with a transformer of 18 MVA ensures the production of the residues removed clean steel by an efficient refining with its capability to work in the treated narrow aperture of the chemical composition, optimization of sensible heat and chemical composition, homogenous temperature distribution, artificial slag treatment, and bottom blowing of gas. Treatment of CaSi wire-feeding system, on the other hand, enables modifications to steel quality.
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